NoMa Summer Screen

NoMa Summer Screen is a free, 13 week outdoor film series in NoMa, Washington, D.C.’s fastest growing neighborhood. Every Wednesday from May 28 to August 20, bring your friends, family and neighbors at the field at Second and L Streets, NE, for music, giveaways, food trucks, picnicking, and of course, great films under the stars. Movies start at dark and are screened with subtitles. Coolers, children and friendly (leashed) dogs are welcome. We encourage moviegoers to bring blankets, Frisbees, and picnic coolers to connect with friends and neighbors starting at 7 PM.

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2014 Theme: Unlikely Friendships
May 28: Back to the Future (PG), Marty McFly accidentally time travels 30 years in the past and plays matchmaker for his high-school aged parents (1985). Food trucks: @PoppedRepublic, @BigCheeseTruck, @Takorean, @RedHookLobster, @DangerouslyDeliciousPies
June 4: Silver Linings Playbook (R), After a short stint in a mental institution, Pat Solitano moves back in with his parents and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife. Things get more complicated (and more dance-tastic) when he meets Tiffany (2012). Food trucks: @PoppedRepublic@BigCheeseTruck, @DCEmpanadas, @DCSlices, @PleasantPops
June 11: Midnight in Paris (PG), While on a vacation in Paris with his fiancee and her family, a screenwriter discovers he is able to travel back to the 1920’s at the strike of midnight (2011). Food Trucks: @PoppedRepublic@RedHookLobster, @KafaMania, @BBQBus, @CaptainCookieDC
June 18: Up (PG), 78-year old Carl ties thousands of balloons to his house in an attempt to travel to South America, and inadvertently takes a young wilderness explorer along for the ride (2009). Food Trucks: @PoppedRepublic@Takorean@DCSlices@BBQBus@DangerouslyDeliciousPies
June 25: When Harry Met Sally (R), Harry and Sally have been friends for years, but fear sex would destroy the friendship (1989). Food Trucks: @PoppedRepublic@PhoWheels@DCEmpanadas@BBQBus@PleasantPops
July 2: Clueless (PG-13), Cher, high school royalty, tries to help boost a new student’s popularity and play matchmaker (1995). Food Trucks: @Popped!Republic@RedHookLobster@PhoWheels@BBQBus, @AstroDoughnuts
July 9: The Muppets (PG), The Muppets must reunite to save their theater from a greedy oil tycoon (2011). Food Trucks: @PoppedRepublic@KafaMania@DCSlices, @CrepeLove, @OrangeCowDC 
July 16: The Perks of Being a Wallflower (PG-13), Charlie, a shy freshman befriends two seniors who take him under their wing (2012). Food Trucks: @PoppedRepublic, @Borinquenlunchb@Takorean, @DougTheFoodDude@OrangeCowDC
July 23: The Dark Knight (PG-13), Batman, Gordon, and Harvey Dent launch a plan to take down the mob and end up fueling the Joker’s rise to become Gotham’s most feared villain (2008). Food Trucks: @PoppedRepublic, @SUNdeVICHtruck@DCSlices@KafaMania@OrangeCowDC
July 30: Pitch Perfect (PG-13), Beca, a college freshman joins an acapella group to appease her father (2012). Food Trucks: @PoppedRepublic, @DCEmpanadas@PhoWheels@OrangeCowDC
August 6: Top Gun (PG), Students at the Navy’s elite fighter pilot school compete, become friends, and learn tough lessons (1986). Food Trucks: @PoppedRepublic, @SUNdeVICHtruck@KafaMania@DougTheFoodDude,  @PleasantPops
August 13: The Sandlot (PG), Scotty Smalls moves to a new neighborhood and wants to learn to play baseball to make friends, adventures and “The Beast” follow (1993). Food Trucks:  @PoppedRepublic@Takorean@BigCheeseTruck,  @DCEmpanadas@CaptainCookieDC
August 20: Midnight in Paris (PG), While on a vacation in Paris with his fiancee and her family, a screenwriter discovers he is able to travel back to the 1920’s at the strike of midnight (2011). Food Trucks:  @PoppedRepublic,  @BigCheeseTruck,  @SUNdeVICHtruck,  @PhoWheels,  @CaptainCookieDC

August 27: Hook (PG), When Captain Hook kidnaps his children, an adult Peter Pan returns to Neverland (1991). Food trucks:  @Popped!Republic@Takorean@BigCheeseTruck@OrangeCowDC@DCSlices.


About NoMa Summer Screen

In 2011, NoMa Summer Screen was ranked one of the Top 10 Best Outdoor Movie Theatres in America by Travel and Leisure Magazine, and the NoMa BID won a Merit Award from the International Downtown Association for event programming. In 2013, each NoMa Summer Screen film averaged 750 viewers, peaking with 1,000 neighbors for a screening of ‘The Princess Bride.’

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