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About the NoMa Parks Foundation

The NoMa Parks Foundation was formed in 2012 and the following year it received a $50 million commitment from the District of Columbia government to acquire land, build parks and enhance public space in NoMa.  In the rapidly redeveloping NoMa neighborhood, one critical ingredient is missing: parks. More than 18,000 people live in NoMa and the surrounding area, and the population is projected to double in the next 10 years. Currently NoMa contains no publicly accessible parks, playgrounds, or plazas. While the District of Columbia averages 12.9 acres of open space per 1,000 residents, none of these spaces exist in the NoMa neighborhood. Parks and public gathering spaces are urgently needed to serve the residents and more than 40,000 daytime employees and visitors to the neighborhood. Undeveloped land in is becoming more scarce each year as development occurs on empty lots. The creation of refreshing, inviting parks and public spaces (before it is too late) will improve the lives of people in NoMa today and for generations to come.

What happens next?

To learn more about the proposed parks, click here to visit the NoMa Parks Foundation website.The website includes a vast amount of information about the innovative public–private partnership between the District of Columbia and the NoMa Parks Foundation, including grant terms and other governing documents, the Foundation’s continuing commitment to public engagement, the overall planning framework that guides the Foundation’s activities, and specific project updates.

There is much more work to do to before the parks will be in place. They have to be planned, and land must be purchased. The funding, which supports land acquisition and construction, will be allocated over the next six-years. Throughout the process, planners and area residents will evaluate the proposed park designs based on their ability to bring neighbors together and to fulfill individual, family, and community space needs. Final designs will incorporate the best available thinking on urban parks, public safety, sustainability, handicapped accessibility, and ease of maintenance.

If you would like to get involved in the upcoming planning process, please contact Stacie West, NoMa Parks Foundation Director of Parks Projects via email or at 202-810-0091.