NoMa Underpass Design Competition

Thank you to the hundreds of artists and designers who submitted for the NoMa Underpass Competition. The RFQ phase is now closed. We received 248 submissions from 14 countries and throughout the US, as well as 32 submissions from local District of Columbia artists! Congratulations to the 49 semi-finalists who have advanced to the Request for Proposals (RFP) phase. The list of selected semi-finalists is below:

 Team Name  Location
 ASC Design Group + Michael Enn  Sirvet  Washington, DC
 Asif Khan Ltd.  London, UK
 Ball-Nogues Studio  Los Angeles, CA
 Barbara Grygutis and Copley Wolff  Design Group  Tucson, AZ
 Bill FitzGibbons  San Antonio, TX
 Citelum US  Washington, DC
 CLINCH – Nora León, Ben Audrain,  Eva  Lynch, Boyd Chapman, Jennifer  Chen  Washington, DC
 COCOLAB  Hidalgo, Mexico
 Corson Studios LLC  Seattle, WA
 Craig Kraft  Washington, DC
 Create In Situ- Sarah Zimmer & Kim  Brickley  Philadelphia, PA
 Derek Michael Besant  Calgary, Alberta, Canada
 Dominic Panziera & Daniela Garofalo,  ARTECLETTICA  Truckee, CA
 Erin Curtis  Washington, DC
 Future Cities Lab + Jim Campbell +  Kreysler Associates  San Francisco, CA
 Gunda Föerster  Berlin, Germany
 Integrated Visions + John Ensor  Parker  Brooklyn, NY
 JBAK with Words Beats & Life  Berlin, Germany and  Washington, DC
 Joshua Sarantitis and MIT Media Lab’s  Social Computing Group led by  Professor Sep Kamvar  Brooklyn, NY
and Cambridge, MA
 Koryn Rolstad Studios  Seattle, WA
 Krivanek+Breaux/ Art+Design, LLC  Chicago, Il
 Lancaster Architects + Matthew  Schreiber  Brooklyn, NY
 landscape architects Schønherr A/S  and artist Ruth Campau  Copenhagen, Denmark
 LDVC, Cinimod Studio + TALL  London, UK
 Leni Schwendinger and Arup team  members sound artist Terance  Caulkins; lighting designer Christoph  Gisel; and civil engineers Tom  Kennedy and Hemal Patel  New York, NY
 LIKEarchitects  Porto, Portugal
 Marshall Moya Design LLC  Washington, DC
 Maxx Moses with Words Beats & Life  Washington, DC
 Mckay Scheer Studio  Washington, DC
 Mikyoung Kim Design LLC  Boston, MA
 Narduli Studio + Horton Lees Brogden  Lighting Design  Los Angeles, CA
 NIO Architects and Thurlow Small  Architects  Rotterdam, Netherlands
Pawtucket, Rhode Island
 Omni-Zygo + Omnivore + Popular  Architecture  New York, NY
 Perfect Lighting Solutions  Washington, DC
 Pernilla Ohrstedt Studios  London, UK
 PhenomenArts, Inc.-Christopher  Janney Artistic Director  Lexington, MA
 Pixeluman Lab  Alexandria, VA
 Random International  London, UK
 Ray King (lead artist) and Duilio  Passariello  Philadelphia, PA
 Re:site (Norman Lee and Shane  Allbritton) + Local Projects(Jake  Barton)  Houston, TX
New York, NY
 Reform, LLC and Artist, Robert Kent  Wilson  Washington, DC
 Surface Design Inc. + Nighthouse  Studio  San Francisco, CA
Boston, MA
 Susan Kaprov  New York, NY
 Synthesis Design + Architecture Inc.
(Lead Designer and Architect) + Moritz  Waldemeyer
(Interactive Design Experience)
 Los Angeles, CA
 The Yonder Creative Studio + Fresh  Concept + Perceptual Engineering  Auckland, NZ
 Tillett Lighting Design + Benjamin  Gilmartin + Eric D. Groft  Brooklyn, NY
 United Visual Artists(UVA)  London, UK
 Urban Matter Inc.  Brooklyn, NY
 Widgery Studio  Cambridge, MA

Selection Process

After the responses to the RFP are reviewed, the judges will select a number of finalists. Those moving into the finalist process will receive an honorarium between $2,000 to $5,000 (depending on the number of finalists) for the development and support of a final design.

Schedule (Subject to change)

Deadline for RFQ : May 9, 2014
RFQ Review: Mid- to late May
Notification of Semi-Finalist Selection: Late May to Mid-June

RFP Request issued to semi-finalists: June 2014
RFP Proposal Deadline: July 15, 2014
Finalists Selected: July 2014
Honoraria awarded: August 2014

Receipt of Final Design Proposals: September 2014
Designs Presented to Community: September 2014
Selection of Final Designs: October 2014
Presentation of Designs to Community: October 2014

For questions regarding the RFP, please contact: Carrie Cook at ccook@art4business.com or at 215-222-2200 ext. 103.

Additional Information

  • The NoMa Parks Foundation reserves the right to withdraw this RFP, initiate an alternative selection process, or re-issue the RFP at any time.
  • Participation in the RFQ or RFP processes does not imply a contract with the NoMa Parks Foundation.
  • The NoMa Parks Foundation has no responsibility for costs incurred by designer for responses to this RFP.
  • The NoMa Parks Foundation:
    • Has the right of ownership of the proposal designs selected for implementation as part of the RFP process and final projects.
    • Will be given credit during display and/or have the right to reproduce any design proposal whether selected for the final project or not.
    • Requires submitted proposals to be original designs.
  • By submitting your qualifications you are indicating your unconditional acceptance of these terms.

Click here for a printer-friendly pdf containing all this information.


View a map of the underpass locations here.



For questions regarding the RFQ, please contact: Carrie Cook at ccook@art4business.com or at 215-222-2200 Ext. 103

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Thank You

The NoMa Parks Foundation would like to thank the D.C. Government for providing funding for the Underpass Design Competition. Funding for the construction of the winning installations is provided through the $50 million dollar capital grant provided to the NoMa Parks Foundation. We would also like to thank the following organizations who have played a vital role in the coordination of the RFQ and RFP: DC Office of Planning, Amtrak, DDOT, WMATA, DPR and DGS.