Free Public WiFi

Get connected with free outdoor WiFi in NoMa, Washington, DC’s fastest growing neighborhood! The NoMa Business Improvement District is providing free wireless Internet connection along many of NoMa’s sidewalks to encourage creativity and collaboration for NoMa residents, employees and visitors. As the first neighborhood in Washington, D.C., to offer free outdoor WiFi, the NoMa BID is providing an interactive amenity that will make NoMa’s public spaces even livelier.

The first phase of the service is operating in beta, and expansion is planned throughout 2014. View a printable PDF map of the existing and expansion WiFi service areas. Follow us on Twitter to tell us about your experience on the system.

To access the system, please select NoMa Connected from the list of wireless networks on your mobile device or laptop. Click the CLICK HERE box to agree to the Terms and Conditions. You’re connected! Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the NoMa WiFi system.

If you are having problems connecting to the free WiFi system, please call 1-877-495-9434 or email [email protected].

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