Washington Post: A wave of mostly white voters is reshaping the politics of D.C.

A surge of young, mainly white voters living in newly affluent neighborhoods emerged as a powerful force in last November’s elections in the District, a seismic shift that mirrors the evolution of the city’s population and could reshape its politics in years to come. http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/dc-politics/a-mostly-white-youth-movement-is-reshaping-politics-in-the-district/2015/03/07/e57f95b2-b6d3-11e4-aa05-1ce812b3fdd2_story.html

CityBizList: Smarter DC Challenge Launch Draws A Crowd, Sparks Enthusiasm For Broad Participation

Today is the official launch of the Smarter DC Challenge, the citywide initiative for businesses and nonprofit organizations to create their own sustainability programs and participate in a spirited challenge. Endorsed by Mayor Muriel Bowser, the Smarter DC Challenge was created as a key program to provide opportunities for the District’s workplaces and buildings to